Thursday, September 2, 2010


There are increasing perception in the international media that Obama ‘s Afghanistan strategy is not working. American’s public opinion is rising against Afghan war. A number of basic goals were set up by Obama’s administration through Counterinsurgency strategy (COIN) an year ago. But, none of them is about to achieved.

Stabilizing Afghanistan.

The first goal was stabilization of Afghanistan while pursuing a more effective civilian strategy. The main focus was on securing major civilian populated areas, agricultural areas and transportation routes. It was said that operation would be conducted in such a manner that there would be minimum causalities. Number of civilian’s causalities in 2010 has increased to 31%, where children causalities were prominent.

Weed Out Corruption And Improve Governance.

It was second major goal set up by COIN, however, ground realities are totally. A recent survey by Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) shows sharp increase in corruption in Afghanistan society. Afghan people are suffering from twin handicap, poverty and militancy.

Reach Out Moderate Factions Of Militants And Fighters Alongside Of Taliban.

At some part of Afghanistan where militants have laid down their weapons and renounced violence in response to government aid and amnesty were treated with humiliation. Therefore, they are joining back the insurgents. This is a major blow against Karzai government.

ANA and ANP trained and equipped by Americans.

Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National police (ANP) were considered as major contributor in future. But, they are ill equipped and their combat efficacy remained low.

American soldiers and ANA soldiers are also having big trust deficit. Under such circumstances, Pakistan seems to be major player for peace in Afghanistan. But, Americans have shown major trust deficit and the recent example is documents disclosed by WikiLeaks. In the nutshells Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy is a big big failure.

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